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Our Service To Our Property Owners

Our Service To Our Property Owners

Harcourts Property Management are specialists when it comes to managing residential investment properties. Whether you have one property or many, our goal is to maximise your returns and eliminate all the stress that can be associated with renting out a property. 

We firmly believe that communication is the key to our success and as your Property Manager will be the only person you deal with on a day to day basis, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered from woe to go!   In addition as part of our commitment to our owners and tenants, we also have a representative available 24-hours each and every day to assist you when our office is closed. 

Harcourts Property Management uses the latest technology and our Harcourts Academy provides continuing expert training and coaching for our Property Managers, who continue to remain at the forefront of Property Management legislative changes.


Marketing your Property

We are committed to creating eye-catching marketing campaigns to ensure we obtain both the right price and the right tenant for your investment property. 

We will create an individualised marketing campaign for your property and ensure it is placed on a selection of suitable websites. We produce an information card for our office display, drawing as much attention to your investment property as possible.

The dedicated Harcourts Property Management team will also conduct unlimited viewings of your investment property, until the absolute best tenant is secured. 


Tenant Selection

When you appoint Harcourts Property Management to manage your investment property, you need not worry that we’ll lease it to the first person through the door. The key to a successful tenancy is getting the right tenant in your property from the start!

Because we want the best tenant for your property, we have a comprehensive selection process. Our standard tenant screening includes:

-A very detailed tenant application form

-Verification of employment references

-Thorough checks of previous rental references

-Confirmation of business references

-Screening through one of the most extensive databases in New Zealand – TINZ – to allow us to identify potentially undesirable tenants. 

Harcourts Property Management take the hassle and stress out of tenant selection, by not only finding the right person for your property, but by organising all the necessary paperwork, collecting bonds and lodging them, and explaining to any prospective tenant precisely what they are signing and what their obligations are. 


Maximising Your Rent

Harcourts Property Management are committed to obtaining the absolute best rental return for your investment property, but there are some things we encourage you to do, to ensure we can achieve this. 

-Spruce up the garden, mow the lawns and prune over-grown trees or shrubs.

-Ensure all plumbing and electrical items are safe and in good working order.

-Present the interior of the home in a clean and uncluttered manner. 

-Remove any odours from the home, such as pet smells.

-Or simply ask one of our Property Managers today for any recommendations we can offer.


Rent Collection

When you appoint Harcourts Property Management to manage your property, you know your investment is in good hands. We require tenants to pay their rent in advance to our Trust Account, and because we check rental payments on a routine basis, we can take immediate action in the case of a missed rent.

If we discover a missing payment, we first phone and text message the tenant to remind them of their rental obligation. A fourteen-day notice of arrears is also sent, further outlining their obligations and advising them of further action in the case of non-payment. If the notice is not abided by, a Tenancy Tribunal Application will be made, and in the very rare event of things going wrong, we provide full representation through the Mediation and Tenancy Tribunal Process. In this case, our extensive understanding and knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act is vital.


Repairs & Maintenance

As part of our commitment as Property Managers of your investment property, we will organise repair and maintenance work on your behalf, once your authority as the property owner has been granted.  

In the case of an emergency, we will carry out repairs at our discretion, to ensure the safety of the property and tenant, you will always be informed if emergency works have been necessary.


Tenancy Renewals

At Harcourts Property Management, we understand how important your rental return is. To ensure we continue to obtain the best return on your behalf, with the right tenant in place, we regularly review the rent on your property. You will always be promptly advised if your tenant chooses not to renew their tenancy agreement, in which case marketing for a new tenant would commence immediately. 


Property Inspections

Pre-Tenancy: Harcourts Property Management conducts a thorough Property Condition Report on your property prior to the start of the tenancy, detailing the condition and state of the property. We use digital photography to provide an indisputable record.

Throughout Tenancy: Comprehensive regular inspections are carried out throughout the tenancy, with a full written report provided to you. If there are any areas of concern we advise the tenant in writing and undertake a follow up inspection where necessary. You are always kept informed.

End of Tenancy: A detailed final inspection is conducted to compare the state of the property to that of when it was first rented to the tenant, taking into account fair wear and tear. We can then finalise the bond and deduct any necessary expenses.


Rental Statements

All monies received by us will be electronically transferred to your account on the 1st of each month, or the next business day should the 1st fall on a weekend or public holiday. We also provide all property owners with a rental statement.

Harcourts Property Management maintains a fully audited trust account, which we reconcile on a daily basis, and our comprehensive accounting system provides you with accurate annual information.


In Closing

If you have any further questions, or would like to speak to someone from our Property Management team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Property Management is what we’re great at, so if you want to take the hassle out of renting your investment property, phone Harcourts Property Management today!